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Finance Matters is set to return to television on October 7, 2021. The series is a five to seven-minute programme produced by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.

It is aimed at demystifying the various economic and fiscal policies and initiatives implemented by the Government.

Speaking with JIS News, Director of the Corporate Communication and Public Relations branch at the Ministry, Shelly-Ann Weeks, said that Finance Matters will return with 10 episodes to be aired on Television Jamaica, through the JIS Jamaica Magazine programme.

“Our first episode will premiere on Thursday, October 7 – of course inside the Jamaica Magazine programme produced by the JIS – and it will be on every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. We are going to have the repeat of the programme on the Ministry’s YouTube channel, so feel free to watch it again because you are going to want to make note of all the important information that will be shared,” Ms. Weeks said.

She noted that team members from the Finance Ministry are excited about the return of the programme, as Jamaicans will greatly benefit from the information to be shared.

“Finance Matters is created for Jamaicans to empower them as we all chart our path to Jamaica’s economic prosperity. This is our third season and this is the third year we are doing it. This programme has offered many solutions to Jamaicans as they try to make their lives better and it is even more potent now because Jamaica is going through its most challenging period yet, the CoVID-19 pandemic. We try to give as much help as we can to get to a better place on our recovery as a nation.” Ms. Weeks added.

She said the Finance Ministry is deeply invested in simplifying financial terms and making Jamaicans realise how accessible the services are to them.

“You should tune in because, as old people would say, you are getting the information from the horse’s mouth. Many of these policies and initiatives were designed by the Ministry of Finance to empower Jamaicans and sometimes persons did not hear when the initial announcement was made or they might have had a question they wanted to ask, so this is an opportunity to gain further clarity,” Ms. Weeks said.

“You will realise the benefits from the various loans and investment ventures. Definitely include your children to watch the episodes, it is not too early for them to understand what is happening in their Government and how these things will benefit them,” she noted.

The Ministry of Finance hopes people will be inspired by the episodes presented.

“Expect to be inspired, expect to learn something and expect to know that even though we are going through a challenging time, it is our belief that we will recover and we are trying to make sure that we have the tools and we share the tools with Jamaicans, so they can also aid in the recovery, because at the Ministry of Finance we understand that when Jamaicans do better, we all do better,” Ms. Weeks said.

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