JIS News

KINGSTON – The final phase of the Cuba-Jamaica Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Project, commonly called the Cuban Light Bulb Distribution Programme, will commence on Saturday March 26.

The distribution of the bulbs in North West St. Andrew will be preceded by a launch at the Meadowbrook High School, Kingston on Tuesday, March 22.

Re-commencement of the programme, which will involve the distribution of some 160,000 CFLs, is in keeping with Government’s thrust to reduce the national oil bill and encourage conservation and energy efficiency.

It will also bring closure to the original distribution project, which saw over 2.84 million CFLs distributed, islandwide.

Under the programme, the Government replaces high energy use incandescent lamps (bulbs), at no charge to recipients, in private residences and public buildings, with energy saving CFLs donated by the Government of Cuba. In return, the Government would earn significant value in 'carbon credits' from its participation in the project.

Principal Director (Policy) in the Ministry of Energy and Mining, Oral Rainford, told JIS News that a new strategy will be used this time, for the distribution of the lamps, not the house-to-house strategy used initially.

“We cannot use that as it is too costly and too time consuming. So, we invite you to come to a central location with your bulbs, we take the incandescent that you bring and we give you new compact florescent lamps. That is far faster and far cheaper,” he said.

Mr. Rainford explained that the new project will conform to the original scheduling, and will see lamps being distributed through constituencies, commencing in North West St. Andrew on Saturday March 26, and concluding by mid-May. The organizers plan on using multiple centres in each constituency to speed up the distribution process.

Mr. Rainford disclosed that the parish of St. Thomas would come in for special attention, as there were particular conditions there.

“The economic situation in St. Thomas is challenging, because you don’t have much outside of Agriculture in that side of the country,” he said, pointing out that there were other situations there that warranted the additional attention.

At the launch of the final phase on Tuesday, March 22, at 7:30 a.m at the Meadowbrook High School, a presentation will be made to the school.  Following that, the distribution campaign will take place in Meadowbrook, Pembroke Hall and one other location in North-West St Andrew. Town crier announcements will be done to alert residents of the distribution centers.