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National Security Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips has emphasized the view that the war on crime could be won with the redirection of the state’s resources to target the kingpins of criminality.
He expressed the view while speaking at the National Crime Forum, which was recently held at the Courtleigh Auditorium in Kingston.
In his statement, Dr. Phillips said the warfare waged on criminal elements “is being won,” and listed essential ingredients, which he said would achieve victory over criminality.
The Ministry he pointed out “needed to direct the resources of the state directly at the major kingpins of criminality”. He noted that by doing so a message would be sent to such elements that, “no matter what their status, how influential they maybe in particular communities.no matter what affiliations real or imagined.there is no one who is beyond the reach of the law”.
The other ingredients, he further stated, “involves an intensification of the modernization and reform of the security forces,” which he informed, would involve increasing the number of police personnel, the use of more modern technologies in the critical areas of forensic, surveillance and intelligence gathering.
The Minister also suggested that the security forces needed to reclaim the loyalty of the populace, especially those in inner city communities, which he noted, would require “a mobilization of the goodwill of all well thinking Jamaicans.”
Minister Phillips also informed that he would be making available, a total of $200 million, which would be used to fund Community Security Initiatives, which would target areas where “dons” have been disbanded by Operation Kingfish.
Meanwhile, Chief of Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin stressed that there was a need for all Jamaicans to actively play their part in the fight against crime.
“You may contribute, that’s all your choice.a well defined security aim is vital but success on the security side will be useless unless the complementary political aim is achieved.the cause, not just the effect of the problem must be removed,” he emphasized.

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