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Students and staff at the Ferncourt High School in Claremont, St. Ann, will soon be able to access full Internet service, as the Government continues its push to upgrade the networking capability of schools.

Minister of Education and Youth, Hon Fayval Williams, who made the disclosure, said the groundwork is being done by technicians to have the institution equipped with Internet service.

She was speaking at the institution’s Open Day 2023, on Thursday (March 30), in celebration of the school’s 85th anniversary, under the theme ‘Reigniting our Zeal to Achieve Greatness’.

“We are working to ensure that Ferncourt High has adequate broadband connectivity all across the campus. I know that the technicians are working to ensure that, and in time, wherever you walk on the campus, you should have access to connectivity,” Minister Williams said.

She reiterated that the Ministry is committed to creating a strong information and communications technology (ICT) environment in schools to prepare students to adjust to a technologically advanced world.

“We know that is the way of the world now and you students need the skills as you complete your education,” the Minister said.

To this end, she noted that the new computer lab at Ferncourt High was outfitted with 49 new laptop computers, as “we want you to become as technologically savvy as you can”.

“We have to ensure that in our high schools, in particular, we have the devices available to you,” she added.

Meanwhile, Minister Williams implored the students to utilise the Microsoft Office 365 suite of programmes, available free of cost.

She said emails have already been sent to students and educators at their moeschools.edu.jm email accounts for access to Microsoft Office 365.

“I would like you to go to your MOEY email today. We have sent a link for you and all the teachers to download. You will have access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Teams, Notes and a whole host of Microsoft products and especially to you who are doing CSEC and CAPE… to help you to do your SBAs,” the Minister said.

The Minister hailed Ferncourt High for holding fast to its commitment to provide students with quality education.

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