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Some 36 female chicken farmers in Northwest Clarendon are to benefit from a training programme in the rearing of chickens.
The training is to take place on Tuesday, October 10 at the Spaldings United Church in Clarendon, and will be conducted by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), the Ministry of Health and Jamaica Broilers Company.
According to Pauline Smith Stone, Acting Deputy Parish Manager at the RADA Clarendon Office, the training would feature the proper care and management of poultry, the proper disposal of waste during the production process, and the slaughtering of the birds.
“We are hosting this training course to educate our farmers on the proper way to carry out the chicken rearing process, so that they will minimize losses, increase production and generate more income for the farm family. It’s also important in terms of food safety for all Jamaicans,” Mrs. Smith Stone said.
The farmers, some of whom are single parents, have received the chickens and feed under a production incentive programme being funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.
Some 120 women from Northwest Clarendon have already benefited from the programme, with about 6,000 chickens distributed since April this year.

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