Principal of the Portland-based Mount Pleasant Primary and Infant School, Dian Vidal Briggs (right), and teacher, Wendy Forbes Steele (left), share a moment with students at the institution.
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The Portland-based Mount Pleasant Primary and Infant School, through its Giving Hands Foundation, is reaching out to less fortunate persons in the community.

Through funds donated by staff members, food and other essential items are purchased and distributed to individuals in need.

Founder of the group and guidance counsellor at the school, Andrea Farquharson, tells JIS News that students play an integral role in the institution’s community outreach.

She says that the initiative is an act of love on the part of the school in assisting the less fortunate, while at the same time helping the students to appreciate the importance of philanthropy.

She adds that the students are “very enthused and revved up” about the programme, noting that participants are required to sign a Community Outreach Form, which is placed on their file.

“Everybody is on board and we want to make it bigger and to help parents, and other community members who are in need,” she notes.

Principal of Mount Pleasant Primary and Infant School, Dian Vidal Briggs, is pleased about the school’s community outreach through the Giving Hands Foundation.

“We want it to be a legacy for them (students) to carry on, when we are no longer here,” she says, adding that the school is committed to the total development of students.

Students of the Mount Pleasant Primary and Infant School in Portland show off treats presented by Principal of the school, Dian Vidal Briggs (right).


Clifton Amore, who has benefited from the assistance provided by the Giving Hands Foundation, tells JIS News that “good first-class work is being done by the group”.

Mr. Amore, who is bedridden after suffering a stroke, says he appreciated the items given to him and his family by members of the Foundation when they visited him at his home in late February.

“I was overwhelmed,” he says.

Mr. Amore notes that he was particularly moved by the presence of the students. “I wish for them all that is best and pray that God will give them strength to continue their work for everybody in the community,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Vidal Briggs, who is also Co-coordinator of the Foundation, says the objective is to foster greater school-community relations.

She says that an important element of the programme is showing the students that they can play an important role in their community, which will enhance their own development.

She tells JIS News that a “”meet and greet” initiative, which commenced at the start of the new school term, has improved discipline and camaraderie among the student population.

Mrs. Vidal Briggs notes, further, that the school has facilitated the placement of five parents in a HEART/NSTA Trust training programme, and they are now at Level 3 in their skills development course.

For further details about the Giving Hands Foundation, persons can call (876) 354-3800.

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