Heritage Week Activities

Calendar of Activities

The 2013 National Heritage Activities is being celebrated under the theme “Our History…Our Strength” from Monday, October 7 to Friday, October 26, 2013. Two of the main national events organized by the JCDC are: National Heritage Week Thanksgiving Church Service, Sunday, October 13 at the Power of Faith Deliverance Ministries, 3 Mercliffe Place, May Pen, Clarendon starting at 11:00 a.m. and Salute to the National Heroes, Monday, October 21, National Heroes Park, Kingston at 4:00 p.m. The JCDC Parish Offices will also host various civic ceremonies, exhibition and church services in celebration of Jamaica’s rich heritage.

Young Heroes

Jamaica’s National Heroes built this nation, but what were they like when they were children and young adults? Excite your imagination, and join the JIS every day during Heritage Week for fictional stories of our National Heroes as children. Listen to a fiction series Young Heroes inspired by the National Heroes of Jamaica written and produced by Gwyneth Harold Davidson as a special anniversary Series for the 50th anniversary of the Jamaica Information Service. See Player below.

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