Twelve-year old Azzahria Mellis will be attending St. Andrew High School for Girls in September.
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Azzahria Mellis is headed to the prestigious St. Andrew High School for Girls in the upcoming academic year.

With the cancellation of some components of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the 12-year old is happy to have received high marks in the Grade 4 literacy and numeracy test, Grade 5 Performance Tasks and the Grade 6 Ability Test, which were used to place students in high school.

Azzahria, who recently graduated from the Ascot Primary School in St. Catherine, tells JIS News that she had put a lot of work into preparing for PEP and “my teachers and school principal ensured that the necessary tools to properly prepare the students were provided.”

She also notes the “unending support” from her family members, noting that “they are always there cheering me on and supporting me with my school work.”

Azzahria tells JIS News that getting into a school of her choice was well worth “all those nights that I stayed up studying and all the work I put in.”

“I had to properly schedule my time, attend extra lessons after school, attend weekend classes and continuously review my work,” she says.

The youngster also recalls doing mock tests with her friends, noting that the “rounds of quizzing each other” was a challenging and fun way to grasp the content as opposed to studying alone.

When she wasn’t studying Azzahria was active in the sign language and quiz clubs.

“I think it is very good to learn sign language just in case I am put in a position where I can assist someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

The quiz club provided the challenges that I like,” she says.

Azzahria’s mother, Christine Graham, says she is happy and proud, but not surprised about her daughter’s results as she expected nothing less.

“I was not daunted. Azzahria has always been an ‘A’ student so I knew there was nothing to worry about. I knew she had a good chance of being placed in any school of her choice,” she notes.

Ms. Graham says she has no doubt that Azzahria will continue to do well in high school as she is “confident and goal-oriented,” and has shown an ability to face challenges head on.

She notes that Azzahria was moved from another school to Ascot Primary in grade three and while adjusting to the new learning environment was initially difficult, “like a trouper, she settled in quickly and excelled.”

Azzahria is also fully aware that she must remain diligent in order to continue on the path of achieving her ambition of becoming a medical doctor.

“I am focused and I have always had the mindset to do well. So, I know that I will be successful as long as I continue to do what I must,” she tells JIS News.

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