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MANDEVILLE — Some 30 young fathers in Manchester have been empowered to become better parents having benefited from training under a World Bank-sponsored initiative.

The training, which covered the areas of esteem, communication, conflict resolution, career development, entrepreneurship and general parenting skills, was carried out by the Northern Caribbean University’s Community Counselling and Restorative Justice Centre (CCRJC) in Mandeville.

“I thank the World Bank for sponsoring the programme for us to be empowered, and for those who gave their time to make us a success,” said participant, Demar Coldspring at the recent closing ceremony held at the Battersea Resource Centre.  “I am a new creation, I am a brand new man,” he added.

Director at the CCRJC, Merylyn Campbell-Flinch, said that the training sought to demonstrate to fathers, the key role they play in the life of their child, starting from the moment of conception. They were told that they have a duty to offer support to the mother during pregnancy and the birthing process.

“We helped them to understand that as parents, they are responsible for the growth and development of their children, even if they (fathers) are not living with the mother,” she said.

Chairman of the CCRJC, Calvin Lyn, charged the participants to develop on the skills learnt and impart the knowledge gained to others in their communities for the creation of a brighter and prosperous parish and country.

“Having participated in this programme, you have been given an opportunity to make yourself more useful than you were before.  You have gained some training; put it to good use. Look around your community and in the wider society…make sure that you find the proper way to fulfill that purpose,” he urged.

Meanwhile, Operations Analyst at the World Bank Jamaica country office, Althea Spence, commended the participants, noting that “you have made a commitment to work to improve your lives and the lives of your children and family, by participating in this initiative”.

“You recognised that you have to build your skills and that you needed assistance to do so, and you are all ‘big men’ to come forward and take the challenge. All of us need particular skills to cope in a world that is always changing. You chose to help yourself by utilising the help provided,” she said.



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