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Many fathers are often taken to task for not taking care of their children, or for not playing an active role in their lives.
Additionally, if one mentions the phrase: ‘a parent who provides unconditional love, continuously makes sacrifices and totally devotes resources, time and energy to the development of a child’, it is very likely that it would be associated with a mother.
However, in a sit down with JIS News, 48-year-old father, Mr. Carlton Lawrence, insists that with the right guidance, fathers can be just as good, if not better, parents than mothers.
“I think what we have done as fathers, is that we have passed the responsibilities totally to women.dropped the ball, hence we are where we are. Right now we have men who you couldn’t readily say, let me be responsible, because they don’t know how to. They have no clue. So, the first thing we have to do is educate our parents on a whole, both men and women, and to let men understand what their roles are, and how they can perform them,” he advises.
“I think the world should look at a father as being the person who is ultimately responsible for the full development of the family, assisted by the mother,” he argues.
Mr. Lawrence’s confidence in the ability of fathers to be good parents and to contribute fully to the well-being of their children, stems from his christian beliefs as well as his tenure as a single parent for 5

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