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Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton, has said that farmers will reap tremendous benefits from the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP) Phase Two, which was launched in St. Elizabeth on Thursday (July 1).
“We have over 25,000 farmers in St. Elizabeth, and I see this as an empowerment mechanism to empower our farmers to use their titles to access financing, so that they can produce more for themselves, their families, and for Jamaica,” the Minister said while addressing the launch at the Junction Guest House, St. Elizabeth.
Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government, Hon. Robert Montague, said that the initiative is not solely for agriculture, but is part of the Government’s plans for rural and national development, as over the next 24 months some 12,000 persons in St. Elizabeth will receive titles.
“The Government has a thrust to improve agriculture, and St. Elizabeth has the largest parcels of lands that are not titled. Once the farmers have tenure, they can access the various programmes that the Ministry of Agriculture has,” the Minister told reporters.
Project Director at LAMP, Gloria Brown, said that the programme will change parishes, such as St. Elizabeth, Manchester and Clarendon, where it is to be established, eventually ensuring that each parcel of land is part of the formal economy and is clearly identified and documented.
“We have facilitated our clients, recognising their importance and needs, and have adopted the approach of serving them where they are. Hence, we have set up our offices throughout the parishes in which we operate, relying on the goodwill of churches, community centres and Government agencies to provide accommodation,” Miss Brown stated.
LAMP provides a central “one stop shop” in obtaining titles at a fraction of the cost. All land surveys and legal matters are dealt with in one place and certain Government taxes and fees are waived. The programme is operated out of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

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