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Twenty-eight ‘black’ tanks valued at some $500,000 have been donated to farmers and institutions in Sturge Town, St. Ann, to improve water supply in the community.
The tanks, which can hold 3,785 litres of water each, were donated by Carolyn Smith, citizen of the United States of America (USA), who is a friend of the community. Speaking at the handing over ceremony at Trevor Byles’ farm in the area on April 28, President of the St. Ann branch of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Dr. Frank Lawrence, said that a lack of water was a setback for farming and community development.
He pointed out that 25 of the tanks were intended for farmers, and one each would be given to the Sturge Town Basic School, the Sturge Town All-Age School for its school garden, and the Sturge Town Free Village Community Centre.
“Farmers will benefit by having water for drip irrigation, and water for animals as well as for domestic use,” Dr. Lawrence said, adding that the commodity would certainly increase production in the area.
He said that the donation was timely, as during last year, the community was without piped water due to the breakdown of the diesel water pump.
Dr. Lawrence pointed out that when Mrs. Smith visited the area and saw persons carrying water, she decided to donate the tanks to alleviate the plight. “She is also in touch with the National Water Commission (NWC) regarding the donation of an electric pump for improving the Sturge Town supply, after the extension of the Jamaica Public Service Company’s (JPSCo’s) power line to the spring is completed,” he added.
Expressing gratitude for the tanks, President of the Sturge Town JAS, Albert James, urged the recipients to “put the tanks to good use, and treasure these gifts because water is life and Mrs. Smith has given us life”.
Also attending the ceremony were, Bradshaw Gaynor, Principal of Sturge Town All-age school; and Richard Fullerton, president of the Sturge Town Community Development Council.

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