Farmers in St. Mary to Benefit From Training Seminar

The farmers in St. Mary are slated to benefit from a training seminar to prepare them to participate in this year’s St. Mary Agricultural Expo.
The seminar, which will be held next Wednesday (March 7) at the Orange River Agricultural Station in Highgate, is being organized by the St. Mary branch of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) in collaboration with the St. Mary office of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).
Both organizations are staging the two-day agricultural expo, which is slated for Sunday (April 8) and Monday (April 9) at the St. Mary Sports Club in Annotto Bay.
Lavon Murdock, JAS Parish Manager for St. Mary, told JIS News that the training seminar would commence at 10:00 a.m. and would feature presentations from representatives of RADA and the JAS.
Some 60 farmers are expected to attend, who will be sensitized about the importance of choosing exhibits of the highest quality to ensure the success of the show, while being educated about the opportunities, which will ensue, from their participation in the event.
Ms. Murdock said that the staging of the training programme for the farmers was consistent with efforts to improve the quality of the show, and increase its impact on agricultural development in St. Mary.
She told JIS News that overall planning for the expo was progressing smoothly, adding that the support and the enthusiasm of the farming community and the general public, were very encouraging.
This year will mark the 21st staging of the St. Mary Agricultural Expo, which aims to showcase the best of agricultural production in St. Mary.

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