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Farmers have been encouraged to make better use of modern technology, so as to obtain better yields.Speaking yesterday (November 29) at a special agricultural expo and field day for students at Lacovia High School, St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation (SEHF) Director, Dr. Randolph Watson stressed that it was high time for farmers in the country to take a more business like approach to their trade.
“Today we are here to share much needed information with the young students who will one day be the farmers of tomorrow,” Dr. Watson said.
Manager of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) St. Elizabeth office, Howard Hinds in his presentation, highlighted the importance of agriculture.
“Always remember that whether you are a doctor, a lawyer or a politician you cannot survive without eating what is grown by farmers and that is why we need to have a very strong farming sector in this country,” he emphasised.
Mr. Hinds commended the SEHF for the “wonderful work” it was doing in the parish. Hydroponics farmer, Hopeton Singh in his remarks encouraged the students to visit his farm.
“This will allow you to understand some of the principles that we have been using, especially in the use of a non-soil base medium and the use of a greenhouse system run by a computer,” he said.”The use of science and technology is what will drive Jamaica’s future so that we can compete effectively both here in the Caribbean as well as globally,” he stressed.