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State Minister for Agriculture, J.C. Hutchinson, has urged farmers to join their local Production and Marketing Organisation (PMO), to benefit from assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture.
The PMOs, which comprise groups of farmers at the district level, are responsible for distributing farming inputs, which are channelled through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).
“We have put in place a structure that within your districts, you have your own executive that is set up, whereby, when we are distributing anything in those districts, it comes through the executive of the PMO that you have elected. So, we are hoping that whoever you put in place, we can have trust and have confidence in those persons,” Mr. Hutchinson said.
He was speaking at an agri-business exposition held recently at the Black River community centre in St. Elizabeth.
The move to establish the PMOs has become necessary, as the Ministry had discovered that farmers often did not receive supplies and other assistance intended for them. This is often the case after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood.
While the RADA parish advisory boards receive and monitor agricultural inputs that come through the Ministry, the PMOs work at the district level to ensure that the recipients of these inputs are indeed farmers.
The aim of the expo was to sensitise young persons between 18 to 35 years about the various business opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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