JIS News

As efforts continue to reduce praedial larceny in St. Mary, farmers in the parish are working closely with the police, to ensure success in the fight against offenders.
As in other parishes, praedial larceny has been a major challenge confronting the farming community in St. Mary, resulting in losses totalling millions of dollars yearly. Among the communities most affected are Robins Bay and Fellowship Hall.
Through a special programme of co-operation to identify praedial thieves and bring them to justice, police personnel in the parish have significantly increased their presence in affected communities and have established lines of communication between the farmers and themselves, to facilitate the speedy reporting of cases.
Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Parish Manager for St. Mary, Lavon Murdoch, told JIS News, that the programme of co-operation between the police and the farmers has been producing positive results, adding that the relationship is also helping to discourage the negative concept, that persons who co-operate with the police to fight crime are police informers, who should be isolated by other community members.
She pointed out that to strengthen co-operation and communication, police personnel have been exchanging telephone numbers with farmers and have been attending JAS branch meetings in different communities. Miss Murdoch said the JAS would be making every effort, to ensure that co-operation remains strong in the fight against praedial larceny in the parish.
Miss Murdoch said that in addition to working with the police, farmers are also co-operating by purchasing receipt books, adding that the receipt books are very critical in the campaign.