JIS News

The Farmer Registration Programme being carried out by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), will have a national re-launch today (Sept. 10), at the Anglican Church Hall in Mandeville, Manchester.
According to Executive Director of RADA, Alexander Powell, the Authority has joined forces with the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ), to increase efficiency in carrying out the registration process.
Making the disclosure during an interview with JIS News, yesterday (Sept. 9), he explained that, “the Electoral Office has some seventy odd offices located island-wide, so you can register at the RADA offices, and you can register at the electoral offices,” he advised.
Data shows that there are more than 200,000 small farmers across the island, but to date only a little over 100,000 have registered with RADA.
Mr. Powell underscored the numerous benefits to be derived from registering. “We want you to register because we want to plan for you, we want to know what you are growing so that we can help you with your marketing, we can help you with technology transfer and advice among other things,” he stated.
“If you do not register, you are likely to lose some benefits because we are more likely to respond in terms of benefits to people who are registered,” he added, emphasising that there is no cost for registration.