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The families of two Jamaican farm workers who died in Canada, recently, have been compensated, in the sum of C$15,000, from the insurance plan operated by the Jamaican Liaison Service, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Pearnel Charles, told the House of Representatives, Tuesday (October 12).
The two men, 37-year-old Paul Roache of Clarendon and 43-year-old Ralston White of Manchester, both regular farm travellers on the Canadian Overseas Employment Programme, died recently in Ontario, Canada in a work related accident. According to the autopsies, both men died as a result of environmental suffocation.
“Each family has received an initial lump sum payment, which is the maximum payable under the Workmen Safety and Insurance Scheme.
In addition, spouses and children will receive a monthly allowance,” the Minister said.
The spouse will receive the monthly payment until death and the children will receive until age 19. The children will receive payment up to age 30, if they are in university. Mr. Charles, who was making his contribution to 2010/11 Sectoral Debate at Gordon House, felt that it represented a reasonable package.
The Ministry continues to be proactive and, through Liaison Services in Canada, is conducting in-going inspections to reduce and, where possible, prevent work place fatalities and accidents.
Mr. Charles said that the circumstances surrounding the accident are still being investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police, as well as the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Health and Safety Division and the Jamaican Liaison Service.

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