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Plans to declare the Town of Falmouth a designated area, to facilitate organised and coordinated development, is moving apace.
Giving an update on the situation, during a recent Council meeting, Acting Secretary/Manager of the Trelawny Parish Council, Mr. Gerald Lee, explained that there has been written correspondence between the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) and the Council, since a video presentation was made to the Council by UDC General Manager, Ms. Joy Douglas, on February 11.
With several major developments slated to take place in the parish, and Falmouth in particular, the UDC has been mandated by the Prime Minister to spearhead the organised development of that town. Several discussions have been held between the UDC and the Council’s representatives.
The video presentation was entitled “Greater Falmouth Redevelopment Plan 2010-2030”, through which the UDC sought to explain the reasons for Falmouth being declared a “designated area”, the role of the Trelawny Parish Council in the process, the rationale for the preparation of a Greater Falmouth Redevelopment Plan and the benefits to be accrued from the proposed new developments.
According to Mr. Lee, the Council is awaiting a development plan from the UDC, against which it hopes to make its comments. He reported that the Council recently received a letter from the UDC outlining some concerns in relation to the plan, which are being addressed.
Answering questions, following the meeting, as to whether the delays will have any negative effect on proposed developments for the area, the Secretary/Manager was optimistic that it would not.
“In essence, we are willing to work with the UDC, but it is just that we were functioning on the premise that we would get something from them in the form of a plan, which we would officially comment on and send it back to them,” he stated.
He said that there is now a clear understanding between both organisations about the way forward.

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