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Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Johnathan Bartley has said that a plan has been formulated to seek to solve the problem of flooding in the Wakefield division.
The area, he said, had always experienced flooding as a result of heavy rains and road surface water that entered the area from the direction of the parish of St. James and flowed into a pond that is situated to the right of the main road leading from Wakefield to Falmouth.
He pointed out that it was customary for residents of the area to carry out drain cleaning work in an effort to reduce the chance of flooding but that such work had proven to be ineffective.
“We believe that cleaning the drains would have solved the problem. However, after the passage of Hurricane Dennis, we discovered that the water that was flowing from the pond to the outlet was facing an uphill battle, hence the cause of the constant flooding of the area,” he said.
The solution to the problem, Mr. Bartley said, laid in the breaking down of the barrier that prevents the easy run-off of the water from the surface of the road, into the pond and to the outlet.
“What we need is a piece of heavy duty equipment to really burst that uphill section of the drain, so that the water can run freely into the river,” he said.
He informed that the citizens had begun to carry out excavation work in regards to the solution plan and that the results proved positive.
Meanwhile, resident of the Moorefield area, Alicia Clarke stated that water from the hurricane rose to some three inches from the base of her house and that the residents had to build a makeshift bridge in order for persons in the community to get from one location to the next, as the main road was impassable.
To get across the road, the residents now have to detour through a cemetery and use a makeshift bridge. Councillor Bartley is appealing to the relevant authorities to support him in his plans and help to reduce the level of flooding in this division.
“We don’t know when this water will recede and with the announcement of an active hurricane season we would be grateful if we could get the needed assistance, so that further work can be done to allow for the free flow of the waters through the drain,” he concluded.

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