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The 425 students and 14 teachers at the First Hill All-Age School in Jackson Town, Trelawny are expected to benefit from a multi-purpose netball court under the sponsorship of the Falmouth Kiwanis Club.
“The cost will be in the region of some $300,000, but we are committed and ready to undertake this project,” outgoing President of the Falmouth Kiwanis Club, Carlton Gordon told JIS News.
“This multi-purpose court will assist in the preparation of the student athletes here at the school to function effectively in the many sporting activities that will be held at the Greenfield Stadium in time to come,” he explained.
Noting that the Club’s motto was to serve the children, President, Orville Williams added that their contribution to the development of the school was a testimony of the Club’s commitment to mold young lives.
“We want to reach out to the youths at First Hill All-age School and the wider community of Jackson Town. We believe that we can propel them on to even greater things through their involvement in sporting activities that this multi-purpose netball court will allow for that,” he said.
Student, Oshane Warren said that he was happy for the development plan, as it would help him to succeed in his future career as a professional basketball player.
Expressing enthusiasm about the project, community member, Ivyln Thompson said, “I have been a vendor at this school for over 30 years and I am glad that the Kiwanis Club is doing this for the school and the community because it will help to keep the young people occupied.”
Acting Vice Principal and Education Instructor, Arlene Nugent thanked the members of the Falmouth Kiwanis Club for their invaluable contribution to the development of the First Hill All-Age School and commended the organisation for the great work that they had been doing as a service organization in that parish.

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