Falmouth Cemetery Cleaned

The Falmouth cemetery in Trelawny, received much attention on Labour Day (May 25), as Member of Parliament, Dr. Patrick Harris and Councillor Garth Wilkinson, led a large group of volunteers to clean the largest cemetery in the parish.
Labour Day activities across the parish got off to an early start on most of the 50 registered projects that were carried out under the theme: ‘Ketch the Vibes: Volunteerism, Intervention, Beautification, Empowerment for Success’.
Workers used various tools, including power saws, machetes, rakes and wheel barrows, to clear the overgrown bush at the cemetery.
Councillor Wilkinson called on relatives of those buried in the cemetery as well as churches across the town and adjoining areas that have designated spots, to come on a regular basis to take care of these plots, so that the cemetery will not return to this “shameful state.”
“I am calling on all persons and churches that have their loved ones buried here and who have reserved areas at the cemetery, to co-operate with the Trelawny Parish Council, so that a programme of sustained maintenance can be put in place for this location. I believe that we should treat our dead relatives better and ensure that their graves are easily identified,” Councillor Wilkinson told JIS News.
Over in Whitehouse, in the parish of Westmoreland, some 100 persons were on hand to beautify a section of the township that is being transformed into a leisure park, as the parish project for this year’s Labour Day. Other areas of the parish also came alive with much activity, as persons from across the parish got involved in the 55 registered projects that were aimed at beautifying the parish.
At Blue Hole in South St. James, Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding, accompanied by Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton and Executive Director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), Joan Gordon-Webley, planted a number of fruit, lumber and ornamental trees.
The Blue Hole Nature Park was one of six Labour Day projects that were given national focus.

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