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Come Monday, February 21, exporters will be introduced to a new world of convenience through the services available under the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) ‘Fast-Track Facility’.

The facility seeks to provide a solution for new and existing exporters, who will be able to conduct most of their export-related transactions under one roof in the convenience of JAMPRO’s offices in Kingston and Montego Bay.

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda, speaking at an exporters’ forum at the Jamaica Conference Centre downtown Kingston on February 16, where the facility was unveiled, said that the service will help to foster greater competitiveness among the business sector.

“(This is one area of) facilitating the export community in a manner that will enable them to get the head start on being able to be more competitive and more efficient,” he stated.

Vice President for Trade and Business Development at JAMPRO, Delaine Morgan in giving an overview of the facility, said it will provide specialised services to export clients on behalf of some of the key public sector partners involved in the trade facilitation process.

She said the facility will be introduced on a phased basis and under phase one, exporters will be able to initiate various export-related transactions in one location ranging from export and registration application to the processing of applications for export licences.

Additionally, exporters will be able to access the required application forms, and exporter registration and export advisory services, among others, both online or by visiting the Kingston or Montego Bay facility.

JAMPRO has partnered with the Trade Board Limited, Jamaica Customs, and the Bureau of Standards Jamaica on this phase of the project.

Phase two is slated to begin at the end of April 2011, and involves partnership with key agencies such as the Companies of Jamaica; National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA); Ministry of Health; as well as the Plant Quarantine and Veterinary Services divisions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, to bring services to the export sector.

Under phase three, which should be in operation by the end of June 2011, select agencies will assign an officer one day per week at JAMPRO to address queries and provide on the spot approvals where relevant.

“We believe that this unified approach will better serve the needs of exporters and contribute to their success,” Miss Morgan said.

One of the prime objectives of Wednesday’s forum was to stimulate discussions that will allow exporters to articulate those issues affecting their performance and to be part of the solution process.