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    The St. Catherine Infirmary is to be given a facelift on March 21, when members of the St. Catherine Parish Council’s ‘Junior Council’ will volunteer their services to paint all sanitary conveniences at the facility.
    Director of Administration at the St. Catherine Parish Council, Shirlene Greenland, told JIS News that the idea for the project came about, following a tour of the infirmary by the Junior Councillors.
    “They will be concentrating on painting all the bathrooms at the infirmary. Additionally, they have all gone into their respective schools asking students and teachers for donations of food and other articles to be donated to residents of the infirmary,” she said.
    The work day received the full endorsement of members of the Parish Council, when they met recently. “They all thought that it was an excellent idea. It was announced in Council, and all of them were enthusiastic. This group is really a good group of youngsters who have great ideas,” Miss Greenland told JIS News.
    The ‘Junior Council’ is a student body, with members from several high schools in the parish.

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