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The Clarendon Health Department is carrying out an extensive fly control programme at a cost of about $500,000.
Vernal Webster, Chief Public Health Inspector for Clarendon told JIS News that the department was responding to several complaints about a fly infestation problem that was affecting the parish.
He pointed out that several farms, schools and communities have benefitted from the programme, and that it would be accelerated in the coming weeks.
“We’ve put a programme in place that seems to be working very well. We’ve assisted schools, farms and some communities, and in particular we’ve targeted a number of the farms because upon investigation, we’ve noticed that livestock and poultry farms, which have had a lot of dead animals, appear to be the breeding grounds,” he said.
The control programme commenced on October 13 and is expected to last for six weeks.
Mr. Webster said there was the possibility of extending the programme for an additional six weeks, to ensure the elimination of the infestation problem.
Farms in Sandy Bay, Rosewell, Osbourne Store and Tollgate; the Osbourne Store, Green Park, Moores Primary and Junior High Schools; and the New Testament, and Faith Basic Schools have benefited from the programme.
The Portland Cottage and Rocky Point communities have also been sprayed several times.

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