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Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda has said that Jamaica’s export sector must seek to expand and find creative ways to become more competitive in order to earn much-needed foreign exchange.
According to the Minister “this country has one major problem, which is simply that we do not earn enough foreign exchange.”
“The fundamental problem is that we are not able to service that industry and make it into what it really ought to be and that is an export industry. We import over 70 per cent of all that we consume. In tourism, our premier industry, some 90 per cent of the products used are imported,” he stated.
The Minister was addressing exporters from Western Jamaica at the JAMPRO oganised ‘Let’s Talk Exports’ forum held yesterday (September16) at the Riu Hotel in Montego Bay.
The forum was the second interactive session held across the island to facilitate meaningful dialogue between the Minister and exporters, on the pertinent issues affecting the sector, with the aim of shaping government policy initiatives geared towards enhancing the competitiveness of the sector.
Minister Samuda stated that the Government recognises the need to identify companies that were engaged in export activities and to see how they can be assisted to become more viable, through the introduction of technology, among other things.
“The question is …how can we reduce the day-to-day frustration that businesses have to encounter, whether it is the shortage of supplies promised and not delivered, or delays with certification, or the lack of training for greater efficiency in business. Whatever it is, it is a disincentive to not only maintaining what is there now, but to expand and venture out into new and creative ways of being more competitive,” he stated.

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