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Jamaicans can benefit tremendously from exporting roots and tubers, according to General Manager of Marketech, a subsidiary of the Scientific Research Council (SRC), Roslyn Fisher.
She pointed out that a lot of the roots that Jamaicans have been using over the years have proven to have medical benefits, and that the SRC is assisting in having them developed and marketed.
“We have tested over 100 local medicinal plants and have found that a lot of them are rich in antioxidants. Along with persons who are manufacturing roots, we are developing a formulation with them, so that we can make and receive the best from these plants,” she stated.
Miss Fisher was speaking at a recent public forum at the Dorritt Bent Hall, in Spaldings, Clarendon.
She added that the SRC is available to train and help people to develop the product. Those without capital can get help to produce them in small batches.
For tubers, she further noted, the SRC has developed minimally produced tubers, which have a shelf life of four months.
“The export market wants it, it is suitable for persons who are always on the go and, rather than rice, we need to eat much more of what we produce;” she emphasised.
She urged persons, especially farmers, to visit the SRC and discuss turning their ideas into profitable means.

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