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The Export Centre and Business Information Point, geared towards improving the efficiency of small business, by providing easy access to critical information to entrepreneurs, was yesterday (December 4), opened at the offices of the St. Elizabeth Co-operative Credit Union, in Santa Cruz.
Programme Manager of the Private Sector Development Project (PSDP), Wynette Anderson, in outlining the benefits under the project, said that persons in areas where they have set up the Information Points, will be able to access market data and export development information, and export readiness tools geared at identifying and improving export capabilities.
“They can also access packaged information from research carried out by PSDP’s Target Growth Competitiveness Committee, as well as benefit from the lobbying efforts of the Committee in the submission of policy proposals to the Government in favour of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Using the Export Centres and Business Information Points, business operators are able to benefit from hands on business development advisory services being provided by the Corporate Finance Broker Unit, thereby preparing and empowering companies to gain access to appropriate and affordable financing from the formal financial sector, to address their business development needs,” Miss Anderson informed.
Meanwhile, in his address, Vice President of the Jamaica Exporters’ Association, Michael Ming, said that the establishment of the facilities has come at a time when there is a greater demand for information to help new and existing exporters to equip themselves to be more competitive.
“It is therefore essential that we assist our clients in identifying new and more innovative methods of doing business; that we facilitate easier accessing of critical market information and equipping the members to be able to adapt to technological changes as we help them to improve their competitiveness. The Export Centre and Business Information Point will help individuals in rural communities to access export information. The facility will also allow clients to access services and information from the databases of the partners in the network,” Mr. Ming said.
Other Centres have been opened in Christiana, Manchester, and at the RADA Office in St. Mary. The project is funded by the European Union and the Government of Jamaica.

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