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Expansion of the tourism facilities in the town of Lucea will see the creation of some three thousand new jobs. A new Dolphin Cove tourist attraction will be opened on, March 31, and the Fiesta Hotel is to undergo significant expansion.

Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett made the disclosure on the Prime Minister's monthly radio programme, Jamaica House Live last night March 30. The Minister said the expansion of the hotel will establish 900 new suites, golf courses and convention centres.

“This is another transformational event that is going to make the entire town of Lucea come alive and provide economic hope for thousands of Jamaicans."

Minister Bartlett said what the Government has done in terms of policy for the sector is to drive the demand side of tourism by bringing people to the island.

“We have done that by marketing in the various areas, in the United States, in Canada in Europe and now we are going to move into new markets. We are going to Brazil in May and in June we are going into Russia because these are the so-called ‘BRICK’ countries, the economies of the world that are showing growth” the Tourism Minister explained.

Minister Bartlett added that Jamaica is an island state so a relationship has to be developed with airlines because this is how new gateways and new markets are opened.


Issued by: The Office of the Prime Minister

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