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The expansion of the school garden at the Bethlehem All-age and Infant School has been chosen as the Labour Day parish project for St. Elizabeth.
Mayor of Black River, Jeremy Palmer, said that the project, which is keeping with the National Labour Day theme: ‘Eat what we grow.grow what we eat’, will encourage persons to eat more local produce.
He said that Jamaica is at a stage where it must push agriculture as one of the most important industries in the economy, and gardens must be planted in every home and school.
Explaining why the school was chosen for the parish project, Mr. Palmer said: “it has the land space and age group of students, who can plant crops and fully understand what we are trying to achieve. Certainly, the school is where the campaign for food security must be firmed up and we must get back to the days when most of our schools had a little garden where food crops are planted.”
Meanwhile, Principal of the school, Sylford Farquharson, told JIS News that the Labour Day work will build on what already exists at the institution.
“We are looking forward to the various agencies that will be giving of their time here on Labour Day.
Their effort is really to build on what we started over 10 years ago. At that time, we embarked on fruit tree planting and have sustained it up to this date. Our 4-H Club is in charge of the project and we are determined to keep it going,” he stated.
He said that after Labour Day, “the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and other agencies will be asked to work with us so we can see much more expansion in the garden.”
Bethlehem All-age and Infant School has approximately 351 students on roll. The St. Elizabeth Parish Council has to date registered some 50 Labour Day projects.

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