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The Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) in the Ministry of National Security will be embarking on a public education programme to sensitise beneficiaries across the island about its expanded offerings.

As at January 3, 2011, the Ministry’s two main community intervention and crime prevention programmes – the CSJP and the Community Security Initiative (CSI) – were merged under the umbrella of the CSJP, with services expanded from 29 to 39 volatile and vulnerable communities spanning eight parishes.

Some 70 staff members of the Ministry as well as stakeholders and providers under the new and improved CSJP, recently participated in a four-day retreat at the Grand Palladium Hotel and Resorts near Lucea in Hanover, where they were sensitised about the general principles and expectations going forward.

According to Programme Manager of the CSJP, Simeon Robinson, the merger is strategic and is aimed at enhancing efficiency, and thus place the Ministry in a better position to address the expansive needs of clients.

He told JIS News that the retreat was to prepare the relevant service providers and stakeholders ahead of the public education and communication effort.

 “We are basically just organising ourselves and even as we are saying to the communities, we are here, we are alive, we have tweaked the programme to make it more efficient, we are still not withholding services… we are revving up our mobilisation programme and reorganising ourselves internally so as to effect periodic evaluation of all our activities,” he said.

“It is important that we do this to our internal team members ahead of us taking the message to communities.  We are looking forward to working together,” he said.

The retreat was held from February 3 to 6 under the theme: ‘Delivering service to those most in need’.

Participants were drawn from the Ministries of National Security, Justice, and Finance and the Public Service; the two main funding agencies, the Inter-American Development Bank and the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID); and a participant from the Peace and Justice Centre in Flanker, St. James.

The expanded CSJP will serve 19 communities in the Kingston Metropolitan Area; 10 in St. James; four communities in St. Catherine; three in Clarendon; and one each in Westmoreland, St. Mary and St. Ann.

The CSJP, over the next six months, will conduct vocational training for 1,300 young people, job placements for at least 120, and counselling and training in life skills and parenting for more than 4,000 persons.

In addition, there will be training for at least 60 community action committee members in advocating and lobbying to help secure the public services their communities need, as well as the refurbishment of five community centres.

CSJP is a multi-faceted crime and violence prevention initiative, which focuses on building community safety and security.



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