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Exhibitors have until this Friday (July 22), to apply for booth space in order to showcase their displays at this year’s Denbigh Agricultural Show, which will be held from July 30 to August 1.
Lawrence Madden, Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), told JIS News that the showground would only be accommodating 200 exhibitors, and that to date, more than 150 have applied and have received approval for booth space at this year’s show.
However, Mr. Madden noted that there were no more spaces for vendors as the areas that were designated for the vendors have all been taken up.
Explaining the difference between exhibitors and vendors, Mr. Madden said that exhibitors were classified as organizations such as educational institutions, government agencies, representatives from the parish pavilions and companies involved in manufacturing, and agro-processing. Vendors, on the other hand, were mainly individuals who were involved in buying and selling on a small scale.
He said that the JAS, as part of its effort to improve the show, has instituted a number of rules and regulations to which exhibitors and vendors must adhere. Failure to abide, he stressed, would result in their eviction from the premises by the security personnel.
In this regard, the JAS will be having a meeting on Friday (July 22) at the JAS administrative office located at the Denbigh showground, in order to brief exhibitors and vendors about the rules and regulations.
“The meeting on Friday will notify exhibitors about any changes that have been made…explain the terms and conditions of their contracts, discuss security arrangements and facilitate dialogue in order to ensure that persons are aware of their responsibilities,” Mr. Madden explained.
Interested exhibitors are being asked to contact Doreen Hibbert or Leonie Gopaul at 922-0610-2 for information about the cost of the booths and the terms and conditions of their contracts.

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