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The St. Mary Cultural Committee will be embarking on several projects this year, aimed at highlighting the impact of slavery in the parish and promoting the Dinki mini dance as a part of its cultural heritage.
In an interview with JIS News, Hurley Taylor, Chairman of the St. Mary Cultural Committee said the projects would be implemented as a carry over from events held last year to mark the bi-centenary of the abolition of the slave trade. Mr. Taylor, who was re-elected Chairman of the committee at its annual meeting held at the Port Maria Civic centre on January 31, said the projects would include identifying and designating points of disembarkation for slaves who arrived in St. Mary during the period of the slave trade; identifying and designating burial spots for slaves who served in St. Mary; undertaking a public education campaign on the role of the Tacky rebellion of 1760 in shaping the history of the parish; and the establishment of a Dinki Mini yard in Port Maria as a tourist attraction and as a site to serve the purpose of keeping that dance popular in St. Mary.
He pointed out that these activities would be in addition to the other regular events staged by the committee, such as the annual St. Mary Festival Queen competition, the annual Pagee Fishermen’s Regatta, and the Festival of Performing Arts.
Mr. Taylor said the special projects would not only enable the people of St. Mary to learn more about the history of their parish, but would also serve to heighten their appreciation for its rich cultural heritage and improve the parish’s appeal as a destination for tourists and other visitors.

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