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Estimates of the cost to repair the damage to roads, infrastructure, public buildings, especially schools and health facilities, water and sewage systems, and to provide assistance to persons, whose houses have been damaged or destroyed by Tropical Storm Gustav, should be completed within a week.
“The cost is expected to be significant and will pose challenges for the budgetary framework. These are challenges that must be met and appropriate adjustments will have to be made to meet these unforeseen obligations while preserving the integrity and credibility of the Government’s fiscal programme,” Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, said during a statement to the House of Representatives yesterday (Sept. 2).
Mr. Golding also informed that the Spanish Government through the Spanish Agency for International Development Corporation, has arranged for a shipment of seven tonnes of relief supplies from its Logistic Humanitarian Centre, in Panama.
He also noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, and the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), will co-ordinate the approaches that might be made and discussions that might be held with bilateral and multilateral partners.
Meanwhile, a Disaster Recovery Fund, with a contribution of $20 million from Supreme Ventures Limited, was launched yesterday (Sept. 2).
“An appeal is being made to other private sector companies to support the effort. Jamaica National Building Society through its remittance arm JN Money Services and Grace Kennedy Remittance Services, through Western Union, have agreed to provide facilities to enable Jamaicans in the Diaspora, to contribute to the Fund. It is proposed to dedicate the Fund to assist in the rebuilding of houses for persons whose houses were destroyed or extensively damaged,” Mr. Golding said.
The Prime Minister, also informed that the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, is in discussions with the relevant Ministries and agencies, to ensure the timely provision of funds, to meet the cost of the emergency works and relief measures that are being carried out. Further provisions await the submission and certification of detailed estimates.