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The Ocho Rios branch of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) recently launched an essay competition, under the theme: “The effect of parents on the self-esteem of children”, at the Bamboo Primary and Junior High School in St. Ann.
Speaking at the event, JIS Senior Information Officer, Irene Rose, noted that the activity formed part of the overall mandate of the JIS to provide very relevant and timely information to the public.
“Through this competition the JIS hopes to raise the self esteem of the youth from the area as for some time now we have observed that persons living especially in the rural communities, are sometimes fearful, shy and somewhat withdrawn,” she said.
Mrs. Rose explained that the programme would not be confined to Bamboo Primary but would also extend to several “other learning institutions” throughout the parish.
“Initially, 12 students from grades six to nine at the institution will be selected for the competition, which is intended to encourage young people to express themselves freely about issues that impact on their lives, and to extend the role of JIS Public Education Programme (JISEP) in schools,” she said.
Mrs. Rose stated that the essay competition would also serve to inculcate certain “basic principles” in the participants.
“Through this activity we are hoping that the students will learn the art of research, essay writing and public speaking; enhance critical thinking and communication skills. the competition seeks also to promote positive attitudes and better parent-child rapport,” she said.
Some of the prizes to be awarded in the competition include a trophy; new bank accounts and books. Certificates will also be presented to participants.
“We are hoping that the winners will help to educate parents by making a presentation at one of the institution’s Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) meetings. this presentation will also be videotaped by JIS, and be utilized to help educate PTA meetings in other schools, within the region,” she said.

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