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The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) has expressed confidence in its selection of Election Day workers who will be placed in the 2,200 polling stations throughout the island on September 3.

“From the recruitment process, we have ensured that we get a certain quality of persons and I am confident that the quality of persons we got are of a high standard. They were trained, everybody went to about four or five sessions and at the end of the exercise everybody was required to do a test, and if you weren’t at a certain standard, you would have been excluded from the process,” said Director of Elections, Glasspole Brown, in a JIS Studio 58A interview on August 27.

He said the EOJ has recruited more than 31,000 Election Day workers, which include a combination of presiding officers, poll clerks, sanitisation team and one-day policemen.

Along with the provision of personal protective gear and sanitisation liquid, the EOJ has put in place other measures to ensure the safety of these individuals prior to Election Day.

“In the past, we would normally put up a significant number of persons, but we have opted this time not to. We will put up those critical persons that might be coming from some remote areas. We won’t be putting them in one location and there is a limitation on the number of persons… per room,” the Director of Elections explained.

On Special Services Voting Day – August 31, the Election Day workers will go to the polls along with about 4,000 members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), and about 11,000 members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

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