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More than 180 small business operators in St. Thomas have benefited from a two-day business development clinic, which was aimed at providing them with information to improve the sustainability of their operations.
The clinic, which began on Wednesday (Sept. 20) at the Morant Villas Hotel & Conference Centre in Morant Bay, was organized by the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC).
Among the topics covered were: starting a business, record keeping, money management, marketing and customer service.
“There is great need for business information in St. Thomas and what we do at the JBDC is promote entrepreneurial activities and development, so the clinic will expose participants to information relating to business and starting a business in Jamaica,” explained Lisa-Anne Edwards, Team Leader, Business Advisory Services.
She told JIS News that persons traditionally go into business hoping to be successful but “we are advocating that information and knowledge is a sure way of countering business failures”.
Regarding the topics discussed at the clinic, Miss Edwards said these were “critical” to the operation and success of any business. “We will be going into details so participants could be in a better position to develop their businesses,” she pointed out.
Presentations were also made by support agencies such as the Scientific Research Council, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, Jamaica National, the People’s Co-operative Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Aquaculture Division.
“We bring them in to demonstrate the availability of their products and services and how they can assist participants to better enhance their businesses,” Miss Edwards told JIS News.
A key component of the clinic was a product review session, where participants showed samples of their products, which were assessed by professionals.
“They assessed the products, told the persons where they observed weaknesses as well as helped them to identify potential markets. At the end, participants were told of the quality of their products and its true market potential,” she said.
She informed that similar clinics would be held in Westmoreland, Hanover and other parishes where there was a need for business development.

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