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Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Olivia Grange, is encouraging all members of the entertainment fraternity to sign on to the National Registry of Entertainment Practitioners (e-Registry).

The e-Registry is a single repository of information on culture and creative practitioners. When fully operational it will act as a central portal for listing Jamaican entertainment service providers and companies including their key profile and contact information.

In addition to authenticating the legitimacy of practitioners, it provides them with access to benefits relating to their tools of trade.

All practitioners within the cultural and creative industries covering film, fashion, dance, music, visual and the performing arts are welcome to register.

Minister Grange, who was addressing a virtual estate planning and pensions symposium for creative practitioners on February 16, said that registered practitioners will receive a range of benefits including access to various facilities to make it easier for them to do business.

She noted that these facilities are available for individual entertainment practitioners as well as entertainment companies.

“The e-Registry has an array of useful benefits. Many times, members of the entertainment fraternity complain about the seeming lack of facilities for entertainment practitioners when these facilities are ready and waiting for you,” she said.

“These facilities are accessible through registration with the e-Registry and include free movement accessibility through Visa Attestation letters; CARICOM Single Market and Economy Skills Certificate Work Permit Attestation Letters, which gives you access to the CARICOM market; and Productive Input Relief (PIR),” she informed.

The PIR allows for duty-free importation of goods, materials or equipment related to the practice of entertainment.

There are also benefits for practitioners through a Regional Customs Exemptions Regime (Tools of Trade) and other incentives especially those derived from the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and other trade/development agreements.

By signing on to the e-Registry, creatives will also have access to sponsorship and grant funding for events, film, dance or music production once approved by the Ministry’s Sponsorship Committee and signed off by the Permanent Secretary.

“You will [also] qualify as an artiste ambassador. The artiste programme fosters access to participation in overseas entertainment activities once approved by the Entertainment Advisory Board and the Permanent Secretary,” Ms. Grange said.

She noted that the Ministry “works hard” to maintain and fine-tune these facilities so that creatives can easily access them.

“So let me categorically state, the duty free tools of trade (equipment) imported through the PIR…must be used in registered businesses for company applicants and for individual use only,” Ms. Grange pointed out.

She said that persons found in breach may be subject to prosecution.

“At this time, accessing this facility involves a very simple process whereby your Fiscal Incentives Application is processed by the Ministry, which is then submitted to the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) and the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ),” she informed.

Entertainers interested in registering can access the form on the Ministry’s website at www.mcges.gov.jm, or by sending an email to registry@mcges.gov.jm.

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