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The St. Ann’s Bay Primary School expects to increase its numeracy and literacy levels, with the addition of an Enrichment Room equipped with information communication technologies.
The Enrichment Room, which was officially opened on Monday (October 5) courtesy of Digicel Foundation and the Ministry of Education, is equipped with computers, as well as literacy and numeracy software such as Hooked on Phonics, Hooked on Math, Early Success and Master Reader.
“This well needed facility will act as a dynamo, which will propel students in the right direction. We need more young minds with gumption so that, in tomorrow’s world, these people will rid our country of crime and violence,” Officer from the Ministry of Education’s Region III, Adita Sherwood, said at the opening.
She urged the Principal, teachers and students of the school to take care of the facility. The Principal, Amy James, responded that the Enrichment Room was a dream made reality.

Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and Member of Parliament for North East St. Ann, Shahine Robinson, and Digicel Foundation’s Executive Director, Major General Robert Neish, unveiling a plaque at the St. Ann’s Bay Primary School on Monday(October 5) commemorating the official handing over of an Enrichment Room to the school, courtesy of the Digicel Foundation and the Ministry of Education.

“For many years the administrative body, along with the teachers, have laboured with the idea of creating a conducive learning environment for the underperforming students; an environment in which they could be met at their level and in their pace, and be encouraged to be the best that they can become,” she said.
Pointing to the literacy levels, Miss James noted that the school had experienced a measure of success, which was evident in the Grade Four Literacy results. She also reported that the school had increased its Mastery levels over a three-year period.
“In 2007, we had 59% Mastery, in the year 2008 we had 70% Mastery and in this year we had 77% Mastery. However, as a school, we are still not satisfied, but with the gift from the Ministry of Education and the Digicel Foundation of the Enrichment Room, and with the dedicated and committed staff that we have, I am sure we will, as a school, achieve greater success,” she predicted.
She said that the literacy programme, to be offered through the Enrichment Centre by the selected specialist teachers, will also benefit the wider community.
One student, Khadeisha Cox, told JIS News how happy she was for the new addition. “I am happy for what Digicel has done for us, because it will give us an opportunity to fulfill our purpose. This is so wonderful,” she reacted.
Also attending the function was Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), the Hon. Shahine Robinson, and Digicel Foundation Executive Director, Major General Robert Neish.

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