JIS News

The 19th Annual Engineers and Engineering Managers three-day Conference ended on a successful note at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montego Bay on July 30, with a record 265 delegates from the Caribbean, Europe, Ireland, Latin America and the United States participating.
According to Executive Director of the Caribbean Electric Utility Service Corporation (CARILEC), Nigel Hosein, the many delegates were in a better position to take back with them “pretty good information and also build pretty good networks and links with other companies to make them more efficient.”
“In general, the conference was very successful. We saw what could be the highest number of participants in the history of our organization, which has had these conferences on an annual basis. We had some 265 delegates registered and in attendance, up from the average of 175 delegates. From the 32 utility members of CARILEC, we had about 22 of these in attendance. We also had 75 utility delegates and a significant number of businesses and associate members were present and participated in the exhibitions. We had about 45 exhibition booths on display and just about 150 business interests for the industry also participating in the conference,” Mr. Hosein told JIS News.
He pointed out that there is need for a number of initiatives across the industry, to make it more efficient and flexible in addressing the wide-ranging demands of the Caribbean, with the first being that of the utilities improving their operational efficiency.
“There were numerous presentations and discussions that addressed this issue and also that of the diversification of fuel sources, looking at alternative fuels, renewable sources of energy and there were also presentations on these topics. Coupled with the presentations, the exhibitions and the business interests that were present, the solutions and issues were adequately addressed. The conference was definitely very successful and we are looking forward to the next one,” Mr. Hosein told JIS News.
The Best Presentation Award went to Shawn Charles of GRENLEC, Grenada. He was presented with the Conference Trophy.