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  • Electricity thieves warned to prepare to face harsher penalties
  • Wells Bottom and Goshen areas in St. Elizabeth receive light
  • Customers who pay their bills on time to get a discount

Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon. Phillip Paulwell, has urged all Jamaicans who have not already done so, to get their electricity connections regularised or prepare to face harsher penalties.

“There is a significant amount of theft taking place in the country, amounting to some 15 per cent,” the Minister revealed.

Mr. Paulwell was addressing residents at an official lighting ceremony for the Wells Bottom and Goshen areas in St. Elizabeth, on July 24.  Some 300 persons from 26 houses in the communities have benefited from the project, which was carried out by the Rural Electrification Programme (REP) Limited, an agency of the Ministry.

“The REP has a new mandate to go out there and regularize all electricity supplies and to bring within a legal framework, those persons who continue to steal the service.  I therefore use this opportunity to urge Jamaicans to get your system regularized and to become legitimate account holders for your electricity supplies,” the Minister said.

Mr. Paulwell reiterated some new measures that will benefit consumers as of this month.

“As of July 1, if you pay your electricity bill on the due date or before it is due, you will be rewarded $250.00 as a discount. On the other hand, if you pay late or after the due date, there will be a penalty of $250.00.  The new policy is that you are allowed up to 15 days and your supplies will not be disconnected during that period, once you are an account holder,” the Minister said.

Through the REP, some 65,000 homes have been provided  with electricity. This represents some 15 per cent of the customer base of the JPSCo.

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