Energy Conservation Project to get $9 Million

The Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce will receive $9 million to purchase equipment for the Effective Energy Conservation Project.
This has been provided for in the 2007/08 Estimates of Expenditure, which was tabled in the House of Representatives yesterday (March 29) by Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Omar Davies.
The main targets of the project for the financial year include: the improvement in the efficiency of power usage, which will result in a substantial reduction in the energy bill; the elimination of unnecessary lighting through sensors; and the installation of air conditioning and a Thermal Energy Storage system food technology building, which will reduce air condition consumption.
Other targets for the new financial year include the replacing of electric sterilizers with diesel-fired steam boilers and steam heated sterilizers, which would reduce the overall power demand and consumption; installation of insulated roof so as to reduce the cooling and roof maintenance cost; the installation of exterior shading on food technology building to reduce excessive work pressure on the air conditioning system.
The Project was established when the Scientific Research Council took the initiative to mitigate some effects of the prevailing uncertainties regarding the availability of energy supplies and the concomitant soaring of oil prices. A complete audit was then undertaken and the Energy Conservation and Efficiency project was developed.

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