JIS News

The St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation will launch its Students' Empowerment Week at the Newell High School on Monday, November 5, where it will run until November 15.

Some 100 persons from different sectors of the society will share their experiences with students at all the schools in the parish during the period.

The programme will seek to empower students to: develop positive values and attitudes; and emphasise the importance of acquiring a good education for personal development to enhance national development.

Head of the Foundation, Donna Parchment-Brown, said the initiative will be very “inspirational for the children and the teachers to have St. Elizabethans come in and honour the school for the day."

"They will talk about what they do, and how they fulfill their own ambitions. It is very good for St. Elizabethans to reconnect with the youth and their schools. Our objective is to strengthen that connection, and hopefully inspire the schools to do greater work,” Mrs. Parchment-Brown told JIS News.

Principal of the Newell High School, Lackett Cuff, said the school community is pleased with the planned activity, as it can boost the students’ approach to learning.

He is also suggesting that the participants explore establishing long term relationships with the institutions, through scholarships and bursaries.

“We are extremely happy for this initiative, and as an educator I am fully supportive of the gesture, because I believe that the students can derive benefit from this programme. A number of these individuals are persons with whom they (students) can associate; it will serve as a motivation to our students, as some of these individuals have come from similar humble beginnings,” Mr. Cuff said.

"To see them achieve success, it can be a way of helping them to understand the value of education, and to take schooling very seriously,” the Principal said, adding that the support could be expanded into mentorship programme.

The Students' Empowerment Week is part of the Foundation’s Homecoming activities that are held annually to promote achievements of the parish, to boost the economy, and to motivate individuals to move forward.