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Minister of Labour and Social Security, Derrick Kellier, has warned employers to pay over employees’ National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contributions, or face the force of the law.
“We intend to be very vigilant and firm.in dealing with those persons, who for one reason or the other, have been flouting the law in respect of turning over the contributions of persons to the scheme.
“It is time for people to wake up and understand that they must live up to their responsibilities. If you collect people’s NIS, you must turn it over so that it can be processed and give to the people when the time comes for them to get their benefits,” he stated.
Minister Kellier, who was speaking at the NIS’ 40th anniversary open day today (Nov. 8) at the Kingston and St. Andrew office, pointed out that a number of employers were before the courts for failure to pay over contributions and the Ministry intended to pursue other delinquent persons.
He pointed out however, that the Ministry was not desirous of prosecuting any individual or organisation, and therefore urged employers to make the payments. “We really don’t want to bring out the big stick. so I am appealing publicly once again to those persons that have been flouting the law of this country in respect of the remittances of employees contributions, to (pay it over) in a timely manner and avoid us having to take the matter any further,” he implored.
Meanwhile, he indicated that the Ministry intended to double its efforts to encourage more self-employed persons to contribute to the scheme.
“There are thousands of people out there, who are not making any contributions and we intend to step up the public education campaign some more. to ensure that people also understand the benefits that can accrue to themselves and their families if they make contributions,” he said.
He called on beneficiaries to encourage their friends to contribute to the NIS, noting that, “the word has to be spread not only by the government, but it also has to be spread person-to-person”.
Mr. Kellier pointed out that the benefits under the NIS include: retirement benefits, invalidity, employment injury, employment injury disablement, employment injury death, maternity, special anniversary death and funeral grants.
Meanwhile, State Minister for Labour and Social Security, Senator Floyd Morris, pointed out that the NIS was a safe investment for the future. “It is the safest investment that any worker can make in Jamaica today, because when all other insurance schemes were failing, the NIS stood solid as a Gibraltar rock,” he said.
At the open day, a number of first time pensioners were presented with pension cheques and pension books, other persons were presented with funeral, invalidity, and widow grants, and one youngster, Brandon Chambers, who lost his parents this year, also received a cheque.

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