JIS News

Employers in Portland, who have been delinquent in submitting National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contributions on behalf of their employees, are being urged to bring their payments up to date by January 13 or face legal action.
Parish Manager for the Portland office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Gloria Clarke, told JIS News that the Ministry would be making every effort to secure the payments.
She pointed out that failure by employers to submit their returns would prevent employees from receiving the benefits to which they are entitled in their later years.
According to Mrs. Clarke, 43 employers were brought before the court last year for non compliance and even greater effort will be made this year to force the offenders to meet their obligations under the NIS.
She said it was incumbent on each employee to request from his or her employer, a copy of the C7 certificate issued at the end of each year, indicating all the NIS contributions made on behalf of the employee.
Employees should also report to the Ministry, any failure by employers to make payments, she said.

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