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As the Government moves to make it easier to file and pay taxes, the Tax Administration announces that effective March 8, 2010, individuals and corporations will be able to electronically file and pay their income tax for 2009 and make their declaration of estimated income and tax payable for 2010, using forms IT01, IT02 and IT07 respectively, in time for the March 15 due date.
With the expansion of the Tax Administration’s online service, business persons will now be able to log on to the Tax Portal at, from the convenience of their home, office or elsewhere and at any time, to file income tax returns, once they are duly registered. This online option will allow self-employed persons and companies to save time and money by not having to visit the tax office to file their income tax returns and to make the necessary payments.
To access the electronic filing option, persons will have to first complete an Application for Electronic Filing Account Registration form, which is available on line at or at any Tax Office. The completed application form must then be submitted at any tax office. However, business persons already signed up to electronically file their GCT returns and/or payroll deductions need not reapply.
In addition to the filing of annual and estimated income tax returns, businesses will also now be able to electronically make quarterly payments for income tax. Additionally, individuals and self-employed persons will be able to file Education Tax Return (ET01) and make payments for NIS and Education Tax via the internet.
Before going live with this latest phase of its e-services, the tax authorities hosted a sensitisation session, to familiarise representatives from the business and accounting communities with the expanded e-filing/payment system. The participants, which included Mrs. Ethlyn Norton-Coke, Chairman of the Tax Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica, were shown a demonstration of the income tax online filing and payment options.
The Tax Administration’s e-service,, was launched in 2004, with the option to pay GCT/SCT, Property Tax, Traffic Fines and some trade licences and fees. Since the passing of the Electronic Transactions Act, the “Virtual Tax Office” has expanded its service offering in phases. In November 2008 the electronic filing of GCT/SCT Returns was added. The system was further expanded in November 2009 to accommodate the paying and filing of payroll deductions, in respect of PAYE (income tax), Education Tax, NIS and HEART.
With this latest phase becoming operational, the tax authorities, in partnership with FISCAL Services Ltd, will be working to expand the income tax option even further to accommodate the uploading of financial statements and other relevant schedules. The filing of other tax types will also be introduced in later phases.
To get additional information, persons may contact the Tax Administration Customer Care Centre at 1-888-Tax-Help (1-888-829-4357) or visit the website

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