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    Effortville Primary School, Clarendon, celebrated “Read Across Jamaica” on Wednesday (May 5), seeking to help its over 390 students grasp the habit of consistent reading.
    Part of the day’s activities saw Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) volunteers and folklorists, Ras Carver and Hazel Williams-Vaz, reading stories and performing cultural pieces, as well giving motivational talks to the pupils.
    Mrs. Williams-Vaz told her young audience to read as much as they could, noting that their future not only rests on parents and teachers, but they will only achieve their goals by being disciplined.

    Parent, Mary-Ann Williams (first left) paticipating in Wednesday’s (May 5) ‘Read Across Jamaica’ event at the Effortville Primary School in Clarendon. Looking on from left are: students Akil Staple, Kymani McNabb, Nicola Palmer and Kadian Clare, and Principal of the school, Delores Smith.

    She told JIS News that her work with schools is to give back to the community, and to let students realize, from an early age, that no one can stop their development but themselves.
    “And you must read and read, and read and comprehend. Instead of blaming, look at what you can do, be part of the solution. Tun yuh han’ an’ mek fashon as part of your creative power,” she emphasized.
    Principal of the school, Delores Smith, stated that the event helps students to develop their reading skills and to impart the importance of reading.
    “Reading stories can give them a lot of words. We are at 68% literacy and we want to move to 75%, that was our target for this year. Persons coming in to read to the students, it gives them an awakening,” she said.

    Students view items from the Arts and Craft Department at Effortville Primary School in Clarendon at their ‘Read Across Jamaica’ celebration on Wednesday (May 5). The school won second place at the recently held 4-H Clubs National Achievements Day event at the Denbigh Show Ground. Teacher Nichole Mowatt is at left.

    Meanwhile, one parent, Mary-Ann, who was on hand to read for the students, said her involvement with the institution, positively impacts discipline there as well as lessens the work of the 12 teachers.
    “As parents, we have to help. When they come home in the evenings, check their books, help them to read what is in the books and play word games with them. When they return to school, they will be more refreshed and remember what they did the day before,” Miss. Williams stated.
    The Effortville Primary placed second in the ‘Trash for Cash’ competition at the recent 4-H Clubs’ National Achievement Day celebration at the Denbigh Show Ground, Clarendon.
    The “Read Across Jamaica” project seeks to introduce creative and interactive methods of reading, that encourage children to enjoy literature and aids the less fortunate in changing future disparaging lifestyles affected by illiteracy.
    The Read Across Jamaica Foundation Inc. does this by assisting schools, reading centres and after school programmes in acquiring literacy and library resources, and helping disadvantaged students increase their opportunities to learn and to read. The Foundation also coordinates and facilitates annual reading day celebrations through partnerships with schools, communities, parents, businesses, global sponsors and policy makers.

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