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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has welcomed the building of a new power plant in Kingston as a move towards generating more electrical power at a cheaper cost.
“Efficiency has to be our game. And we have to be efficient both in terms of getting the best fuel source, but also ensuring that we convert and utilise that fuel efficiently, which is why this plant makes so much sense,” Prime Minister Golding said. He noted that government was currently seeking to identify a power company that can generate 480 mega watts of power.
Starting in 2012, West Kingston Power Partners (WKPP) will produce 66 mega watts of power on engines that can use either gas oil or natural gas. The power will be sold to the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) for its consumers.
The construction of the plant will create employment for about 100 workers and its ongoing operations will provide steady employment for 60 skilled persons.
Vice President, Generation Expansion at the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo), Valentine Fagan, said that the plant should also encourage additional industrial activity in West Kingston.
WKPP is managed by Conduit Capital Partners, which also operates Jamaica Energy Partners, an independent power company that generates electricity from two barges in Old Harbour Bay. The International Finance Corporation, a subsidiary of the World Bank, is financing the WKPP project for US$126 million.

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