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The Region Six office of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture has honoured 11 parents from that region for commendable parenting skills.
The appreciation function was held on November 23 at the Ministry’s Old Harbour offices. Region Six comprises the parishes of Clarendon andSt. Catherine.
Community Relations Officer at the Ministry, Yvette Dennis told JIS News that the parents had done an excellent job in their various communities.
“We’re recognizing those parents that have been doing a really good job not just for their own child or children, but for other children in different schools and so we believe that we should recognise these parents and speak to some of the things that they’ve been doing, which will help other parents to realize what are some of the other things that they should be doing that they too can be recognised as outstanding, and they too will be much more effective in carrying out their roles as parents,” she said.
The parents who were recognised include Colleen Jackson from Linstead Primary and Junior High; Cheryl Taylor; Paulette Williams, Mount Liberty All Age; Hortense Goulbourne, Morgans Pass All Age; Linnett Johnson, Eccleston Primary; Howard Williams, Denbigh Primary; Normalee Lewis, Old Harbour High; Chloe Taylor, Davis Primary; Emeta Henry, Rock All Age; Janet Clarke, John Austin All Age; and Novelette Williams, Denbigh High School.
Two of the parents will be chosen as the most outstanding male and female parents from the region and are to be recognised at the national level.
The function was preceded by an ‘Information Fair’ earlier in the day, which also formed part of the Region’s Parent Month celebrations in November under the theme ‘Effective Parenting: Key to Stronger Families, Safe Schools and Communities’.
Presentations were made by the Registrar General’s Department, Dairy Industries Limited, National Housing Trust, Excelsior Treats, the Child Development Agency, Grace Kitchens, the Ministry’s Guidance and Counselling Unit, the Early Childhood Commission, the Regional Unit, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the Old Harbour Health Centre.
“We believe that all of these agencies will help our parents to parent in a more effective manner,” Mrs. Dennis said.
Some of the other activities, which took place in observance of Parent Month included three workshops in May Pen, Spanish Town and Linstead. These addressed issues such as ‘Resolving conflict in the family, ‘Rearing your Children’ and ‘Challenges faced by different family types and coping strategies’. Sub topics included ‘communication in the Family’, ‘communication with teenagers’, and ‘children’s developmental stages, the demands of and strategies for these stages’.
Other activities include church services in various communities, site visits by Guidance Counsellors, and parenting resource persons to clinics hospitals, communities, places of safety, and correctional services locations.
Still to come in the month, she added, is a parenting exposition to be held in partnership with the Social Development Commission and the Old Harbour Development Area Committee. The expo will be held at the Ascot Hall in Old Harbour on November 30, where mini exhibitions will be mounted in clinics, hospitals, the Registrar General’s Department, Inland Revenue Services and other public places.

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