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Schools across the island will shortly receive copies of the Education Ministry's National Numeracy Strategy.

The Policy provides clear guidelines concerning the expectations for mathematics education, outlining the principles which must underpin the teaching and learning of mathematics at early childhood, primary and secondary levels.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Grace McLean told Journalists on Wednesday, February 29, that the Policy is ready and is in the process of being printed so that copies can be distributed to the various schools across the island.

“Our numeracy specialists will be working through the quality education circles to ensure that all our teachers are properly, effectively and sufficiently trained to use this strategy,” Mrs. McLean said, following a tour of the Balaclava High School in St. Elizabeth.

Additionally, she said the Ministry has disaggregated the statistics from the last numeracy results and will be focusing on specific areas in which students seemed to have the most challenges.

“We are not only stopping there but we are looking at other issues which are affecting our students; the social issues, high absenteeism, challenges related to nutrition and other social issues that seem to be affecting them,” she said, noting that the Ministry is working with the parents and other stakeholders to see how best those students could be assisted.

She further stated that the Ministry was also carrying out a review on the assessment to ensure that it remained reliable and valid.

“We are confident with all the strategies that we are putting in place now that we are definitely going to be seeing an improvement in the area of numeracy,” she said.

Shifting the focus to the upcoming Grade Six Achievement Tests (GSAT), Mrs. McLean said that she was pleased with the progress in terms of the Ministry’s preparation.

“It is customary for the Minister to have a press conference to officially announce our readiness for G-SAT and this will be done within another week or so but I would want to say that we are pleased with the progress and we are looking forward to an excellent year based on the preparations that we have made so far,” Mrs. McLean said.


By Aldeen Campbell, JIS Reporter